Flipping out

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I really enjoy Non-Fiction Writing. Not only do we get a lot of work done, but Mr.Rayburn is always ready and willing to give constructive feedback on whatever it is we’ve just written. This all lies with the range of a ‘normal’ English class. Soon, however, we will begin the unorthodox part of this course: the Flip camera project.

We must each come up with a concept for a short video, just a few minutes long, that we will film during class hours. As part of our education to become twenty-first-century-literate, we will produce the entire film itself, from conception to planning to filming to editing.

This is incredibly exciting to me – I’ve not had the opportunity thus far to create an entire mini movie by myself. There is, though, a rather obvious caveat. We have to come up with the ideas ourselves, which is more difficult than it seems. Luckily, I have settled on a topic (finally).

I’m going to make a micro-documentary about how people fall asleep. That is, what little tricks or tips they may have for other people who, being stressed out over school and whatnot, just can’t relax enough to fall asleep. Hopefully, all will go well. We’ll see.



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Only recently have I realized how much time having a pen and paper with you at all times is worth. Ideas are so incredibly tenuous that I would venture to guess a good 98% of them are lost, and 100% of this loss is preventable.

Various examples of this fleeting behavior in my life recently include, most prominently,anything pertaining to the world of college application essays. No matter how excited I am about an idea as it first pops into my head while reading one of the many prompts, if I can not immediately write the inspiration down I lose first the idea, and more slowly, hope.  Each time I vow that “This will not happen again! I will write down my ideas instantly!”

Not true. Not only do I forget to write essay fragments down immediately, but the problem is spreading.
I now find letter-writing to be difficult, though it was not always so. By the time I finish writing the first sentence of my correspondence, my head is filled with ideas that roil and tumble and fly off into unexpected tangents and thoughts. Merely attempting to sort them out makes them fade, and it is while trying to hold them all in my head that I lose them. Trying to retrace the original train of thoughts merely brings me to its rusting wreckage. It is still recognizable as a train, but it in no way matches up with its former glory.

But these fickle ideas need not come in the form of essays and letters- they also play tricks with math homework.  The feeling of loss is, to say the least, irritating. This blog post fits the scheme I have just described perfectly: I began writing it yesterday, and today I have completely forgotten what my plan was. Ironic, no?

Yahoo vs. Google

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I’ve decided to write this blog about the not-so-infamous battle raging between Yahoo and Google. Essentially, it is a war between the auto-complete features. Here are some of the most notable:

Search: “penguins are…”

  • Yahoo: “…so sensitive”
  • Google: “…practically chickens”

Search: “bacon is…”

  • Yahoo: “…a vegetable”
  • Google:  “…like a little hug from god”

Search: “the muffin man is…”

  • Yahoo: “…do you know who the muffin man is?”
  • Google:  “…seated at the table in the laboratory of the utility muffin research kitchen”

Search: “If I ate…”

  • Yahoo: “…moldy food”
  • Google: “…myself I would either be twice as big or disappear completely”

On a tangent, if you search the phrase  “chuck norris” in each website…

  • Yahoo returns the search with the Chuck Norris official website.
  • Google does not link to any sites, instead, this appears: “Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.”

I would have to agree with the large number of people who have come to the consensus that Google wins. You have to admit, they’re pretty funny.

First Blog(s)

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Here it is. The first assignment with a deadline: write a blog this week. As I had never really written a blog before, I had no idea what to write.  Searching for inspiration, an idea struck: I typed “first blog” into the search box for http://www.wordpress.com. Number of results: 337,959 (soon to increase to 337,960).

The results were interesting, and some themes developed for the most common way that people approached their own first blogs.  The “related tags” box alone gave away most of them: “blog”, “first”, “hello”, “welcome”, “introduction”, “first blog- personal notes”, “personal”, “me”, “introductory post”, and, of course, “first blog”.

Skimming through the first few pages of hits, one user filled an entire blog with “This is only to test my first blog This is only to test my first blog”. Well, I thought, that is one easy way to get around the first-blog-writers-block problem.  Further on, the writers began to show a trend of ‘chatspeak’, many uses of, for example, “gonna” and “gotta”. I think I’ve found a new pet peeve.

The blog “Examining Pulchritude” had an enjoyable first post, entitled “The Original Unoriginal First Blog”, that spoke about the anxiety of writing the first post on any blog.  From then on, many authors seemed to relish the true freedom they had on their blogs: they could truly write about whatever they wanted! This created many long, rambling paragraphs that could almost be categorized as stream-of-consciousness writing.

In any case, I hope that I will avoid many of these problems in the future, since no one likes a hypocrite!

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